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24-Pin ATX-Extension, 30 cm, Single Sleeve €9,99
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Nanoxia 24-Pin ATX-Extension, 30 cm, Single Sleeve

The Nanoxia 24-Pin ATX extension cable - From their high quality sleeved cable series


  1. Extends the reach of your PSU cable
  2. High quality, individually sleeved cables
  3. Braided cables help achieve a neat cabling solution for the internals of your PC

This 24-Pin ATX extension cable originates from the Nanoxia sleeved cable series. The cable is 30cm long and the individual wires are covered with black nylon braided sleeves.

This type of PSU extension is usually used to extend the 24-pin cable from the PSU to the motherboard and is ideal for use in large PC cases where a standard PSU lead may not reach the 24-pin motherboard connector.

Specifications24-Pin ATX-Extension
Cable Type24-pin ATX-extension
Length300 mm
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode4260285290244
Specifications24-Pin ATX-Extension
Cable Type24-pin ATX-extension
Length300 mm
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode4260285290244

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Installing the Trinity was a fairly major undertakiing, because you have to take out the motherboard. That is because the Trinity has a backplate which is mounted on the underside of the motherboard and which bolts through to secure the main cooler on the cpu side of the board.

I think it would be extremely unlikely that you could install this without removing the motherboard and, in my system, an Intel D945GNT system board mounted in an Acousticase AC 6607 case, this also involved taking out the hard drives and the psu.

In all it took me over three hours to install this cooler - although how long it takes will depend a lot on your particular system and how used you are to taking it all apart.

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The comfort levels around the machine have now inproved dramatically.

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Also, excellent technical support and service from Quiet PC.

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